Hudson Candle® is an eco-lux brand rooted in leisure minimalism.
We strive to make everyone feel their best while staying eco-conscious. We encourage
others to not stress so that they can have more time living a peaceful life.

discover your scent

We can all use a good self care routine and our sustainably made candles are the perfect add in. Ranging from divine masculinity + sweet femininity our carefully crafted fragrances are designed to help ease, comfort, and escape. If only for just a little while.

designed for scent sensitivity
We are Falling for

pumpkin chai

For a limited time, cozy up with our iconic Pumpkin Chai candle featuring heirloom pumpkin and toasted chai spices. This small batch is only available while supplies last.

our story.

Living with autoimmune conditions, Kristin created a line of candles using only the purest ingredients. She discovered self care therapies for her most challenging days that consisted of mineral baths and candles made with essential oils. Her pledge is to share only the finest of simple comforts so everyone can experience a sense of healing, no matter the life obstacle.