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Featured in Bespoke Post's exclusive subscription 'Waft' box , displaying the perfect gender neutral aroma of vintage leather and northwest cedar - It's a vibe.


Our Peruvian Partners

Ethically sourced + Fair Trade

Wesley Throw

Made purely from one of the rarest, softest, most luxurious fibers in the world – Peruvian Baby Alpaca. Draped over your chaise or rolled in your carry on, its the perfect in-flight or en route companion.
Curl up and light a candle.

Pouring to heal

Living with autoimmune conditions, Kristin created a line of candles using only the purest ingredients. She discovered self care therapies for her most challenging days that consisted of mineral baths and candles made with essential oils. Her pledge is to share only the finest of simple comforts so everyone can experience a sense of healing, no matter the life obstacle.

Customer reviews
I couldn't love this candle more. There are so many layers of smells in this thing, it's amazing. The burn is nice and even.
— Allie D.
I can't get enough of these candles, every single one smells amazing!! They burn so well and don't bother my allergies.
— Debra M.
This reminds me of an old boyfriend! So handsome, totally love it.
— Marin S.