Fidelity Votive

Heady sunlight, golden grass with treason in the air - a spy is captured! Purple badge of merit bestowed not for praise nor glory but most honorably for love of country.

A unique combination of luxury, art and modernity for a timeless elegance. The scent is masculine with top notes of white aldehydes, bergamot and ginger. At its heart, sage, geranium, absolute and violet leaf.

An award ceremony September 1780, General George Washington creates the first ever version of the Purple Heart for the capture of Major John André, a British spy. John Paulding, a clean shaven yeoman dons a tailored militia coat, polished boots, a freshly knotted ascot - The inspiration for this scent is to honor the lesser known heroes who saved West Point from being handed over to the British by way of Benedict Arnold.

"Amor Vincit Patriae" - John Paulding, Isaac VanWart, David Williams - Tarrytown NY.