It's More Than Another Pumpkin Spice
Here we are… clocks have fallen back, the air is crisp and cool (well, depending on where you live anyway), the holidays are just around the corner, and it’s pumpkin spice run amok! For those who are looking to purchase something a little different, we hope we can inspire you to try our latest new Fall candles. 

“…or we can discuss olfactory science and the fascinating connections between smell and memory, smell and emotion, and even the fact that human beings can discriminate among more than a trillion different smells, yep, a trillion (Science Magazine).” 

So rather than just a spicy cider or pumpkin spice, think about what Autumn and the approaching holiday means to you and your Fall candle scent.  Is it a walk through the misty woods, with the smell of wet soil, crunchy leaves, bark and a burning fireplace in the distance? Maybe it’s being curled up with a cashmere throw on a vintage leather chair by a roaring fire? For us, it is all about exotic Chai and toasted Pumpkin. 
Hudson Candle Fall Pumpkin Spice Harvest Candles

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