Giving thanks + appreciation for our Frontline Workers

The words 'thank you' hardly seem like enough for our brave essential workers. While we are located just north of the hardest hit region, New York City - we also suffer the same effects of it. Many of our friends and family members are called upon to remain 'essential' during our 'hold in place' quarantine. And as someone living with multiple auto-immune conditions, having school age kids now at home, this can feel all too heavy. 

I had wished I had a sewing machine to help make masks.

I had wished I had the means to buy loads of sanitizer to donate to our frontliners.

I had wished I had enough toilet paper to enrobe my entire family. 

I had wished I had an abundance of SOMETHING to offer. But what? 

That is when I realized that no matter what the item, object, or offering... everyone has something to offer. For me, I know how to make candles. Sure it seems a little banal - candles for a crisis? But then I thought about it. When I am feeling exhausted from the world, one of my favorite acts of self care is to relax with a beautiful candle. I wanted our candle to be permission to exhale. 

"You are Revered" - I wanted to provide a candle that was not too heavy or perfumy. A candle that meant something more than a thank you. Our Revered candle seemed like the perfect pairing. To be revered is to feel deep respect or admiration for (something). We ended up donating cases of our special candles to New York Presbyterian Hospital in Westchester County. A small gesture, but a hope that we helped a frontliner decompress from their day. Thank you to our Frontline - You made it through another day and you’re doing great. You Are Revered.   

Hudson Candle Thank You Essential WorkersHudson Candle Revered Thank You Front Line

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